I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.

(Vincent Van Gogh)

Creation and sale of modern paintings, highly tactile paintings, polymaterial paintings, relief paintings, 3D paintings, and strictly unique hand-made pictures realized by the modern painter Armando Tordoni. His high-value works are realized through a mixed-technique by using premium non-toxic materials, acrylic colors, oil paints, resins, decorative stuccos, paintbrushes and putty knives and by experimenting different painting and artistic techniques. Sale of canvas paintings or paintings made on wood board to be promptly delivered. Works can be prepared with or without frame, both on classical and modern canvas (gallery wrap or duck canvas).

The Italian painter Armando Tordoni is specialized in the creation of pieces of art of a unique design.

The artist from Assisi creates modern and contemporary paintings of different kinds including visual pictures, pictures showing not only landscapes, people, women, cars, flowers , trees, seas, waves and sunsets, but also still life paintings, informal and fantasy paintings, trompe-l’oeil paintings, metropolitan paintings, shifting-color paintings. His works are very expressive and lights without using any print or digital technique. He also creates modular paintings, triptych paintings, or paintings made of different pieces.
The works of the Umbrian artist Armando Tordoni reveal his sensitivity and vitality, adding a touch of color and harmony not only to a dynamic, innovative, modern and lively interior design, but strongly advised also for a classical decor.

In Armando’s gallery, you will find Italian paintings of any kind including metropolitan paintings to be purchased also on line. Please contact us on info@armandotordoni.com to learn more on promotion on prompt delivery paintings.

Just browse through the works of the contemporary painter Armando Tordoni, and you will surely find a modern picture fitting your dining room, a landscape painting ideal for your living room or a piece of visual art for your bedroom. It is also possible to realize any kind of paintings on demand: materic or abstract painting, landscapes, visual, hyperrealist, symbolic, romantic, surrealist or informal paintings, pictures for restaurants, pub, hotels, shops, or customized, painted with putty knives or paintbrushes, with acrylic colors or oil or with a mixed technique.

The Umbrian painter Armando Tordoni creates modern pictures in different sizes in order to make unique your interior design.

You will find in Armando Tordoni’s gallery different paintings available for sale: canvas paintings or paintings made on board and a section dedicated to private collections where you can contemplate some of his most recent works.

Every work made by Armando Tordoni has its own story to tell. Just follow your feeling and select the most suitable for you. Either for decoration or for investment, purchase an original work, a unique piece of art, hand-made and hand-painted, personally signed by the artist and provided with its archive number, certificate and seal of authenticity ensuring its origin and describing its main features, its quality and the materials used.

An excellent investment over time without forgetting the emotion given by owning a unique piece of art.

You are purchasing original and unique works, Italian pictures hand-painted.

Surf through the pictures of few works made by the contemporary painter Armando Tordoni used for decoration of houses, offices and shops and for any kind of event or new openings.

Make unique the interior design of your home or your company with the original works of the modern artist Armando Tordoni from Assisi.
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